100 educational thought leaders

20 countries

As the G20 provides a forum for international collaboration in economics, E20 Global is a forum for collaboration in education worldwide, and a catalyst for change that is informed by a global perspective.  One hundred thought leaders from twenty countries will be invited to engage around questions essential to formulating national and international strategies, research agendas, policy, and best practices related to technology and learning.  The discussions and shared perspectives of the E20 Global participants will be of interest to ministries of education, government, and international organizations in countries around the globe.

The Participants

The educational thought leaders invited to join in the E20 discussions will include ministry and government officials, respected researchers and professors, heads of NGOs, as well as teachers, educational technologists, bloggers, and journalists, all invited to a biannual term. Participants will be asked to represent their own perspectives in the discussions and activities of E20 Global, but will be assembled as a purposely international body, chosen from 20 countries spanning six continents.  

The Audience

The work of E20 Global will be crafted from the beginning with a global audience in mind.  Discussions, research, opinions, and reports will be designed for consumption by an international audience of education leaders and policy makers, and based on principles of openness and transparency.  Most of the work will be conducted online to allow it to be easily shared. All materials will be managed as open educational resources, and published under a Creative Commons license to allow wide and simple distribution. 

The Discussions

E20 Global will focus its discussions and related efforts in 2016-17 on topics with a high potential to impact learning, especially those for which a wide range of multinational perspectives are a critical part of crafting strategies.  The E20 Global participants will work together to produce the list of topics, but among those likely to be included in the first round are the value of national and international curricula, advances in technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, multi-national approaches to pre- and in-service teacher training, and insights from learning science, among others to be identified. 

The Outcomes

The primary purpose of the E20 Global Initiative is to build a shared multinational understanding of the essential questions and topics facing educators everywhere in the coming months and years, and their implications in four key areas: strategic leadership, research, policy, and practice.  EdFutures is committed to working with the E20 Global participants to construct a shared action agenda for each of the topics under consideration, with a clear focus on encouraging world-class demonstrations and scholarship around the topics. 

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